Welcome to the website of the Atlas of Natural Capital (ANK), the premier platform for people who want to know and talk about natural capital.

Every day you encounter natural capital, like tap water for your coffee or tea, grain for your sandwich, a piece of land for your allotment, solar energy for electricity and flood defences. Nature has provided these services for all of us. It sounds like stating the obvious, but it's not. The value of our natural capital is declining. We are over-exploiting it. ANK wants to help ensure that we treat our natural capital sustainably.

Treating natural capital sustainably

With this goal in mind ANK provides information about natural capital and ecosystem services, related concepts and inspirational examples. You will also find information about how you personally can use our natural capital sustainably. Maps include details that you can use when taking decisions that affect the human environment. Companies can use the information to make their operations more sustainable and in their reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Contributing to ANK

ANK exists for you. So among other things we would like you to let us know what you think we could improve. You can also contribute directly to ANK. The present version is a first step and still has some limitations. Help us by sharing your knowledge, maps and good examples. Send us text proposals, links to other websites and reports. Or join the forum to participate in discussions about information and ways forward for treating our natural capital sustainably. This will truly make ANK a platform made for and by you!


ANK is not a stand-alone initiative. Work is in progress throughout Europe on mapping out natural capital (and its value). So your input and participation may be important Europe-wide as well as in the Netherlands.