How to use this website?

The Atlas of Natural Capital (ANK) gives you information about natural capital in the Netherlands. You can use the site in various ways.

Under Natural Capital you will find more information about the different kinds of natural capital, like the production of food, storage of water, pollination and sustainable energy sources.  Click the balloons to see a description of the service rendered by the natural capital. You can click on to view the associated geographical maps.

Under Real-life examples you will find different ways for using the natural surroundings in a better way. We have made a distinction between different themes, such as planning, water management and nature management. In each theme, there is a description for various subjects of how we could better use our natural surroundings. From there you can click onwards to the geographical maps relevant to you.

Under view maps you can immediately see what information is available in ANK.

News provides you with an overview of all news items sent out by ANK.

Finally, we hope you will help us flesh out ANK and add new maps and examples of how we can use our natural surroundings better and more sustainably. On the Participate page you can find out how to send your ideas to us and what we will do with them.